Saturday, September 12, 2009

Play Tents...

The Little People and I spent several days in July having "vacation" days.
That fun included setting up tents on the patio where Simon & Annestelle played for hours.
After a trip to the library I found a pattern for these children's play tents.
I was pretty excited since our make shift tents fell down with any big gust of wind.

It took me until late August to finally make these tents.

My peeps choose to set them up close together and have already spent hours playing in them.

Annestelle playing last Sunday morning, still in her jammies...

(one of the great benefits of Saturday night mass is our lazy Sunday mornings)

Happy Hobbies!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peach Goodness

These are just some of the peaches picked by the little people and me while on a little excursion with my father and his wife a few weeks back.
A new to us activity. Peach picking.
My little people filled our time with numerous questions and endless speculation of what other fruits we could possibly pick as fall nears.

Peach crisp preparation.
Now there is an abundance of peach crisp in our freezer.
Beside the peach crisp are bags and bags of frozen peaches ready for other recipes.
Happy Hobbies!