Monday, March 31, 2008

The state of things...

My mom has been hospitalized for about a week now.
Let me just say...
she is brave...
family is supportive...
friends are wonderful...
She's doing well today and should be home soon!
I'll be back soon with some hobby happenings.
Happy Hobbies!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about me...

No hobby talk today!
Is that 36 years old or years young?
I can't decide!
When my parents were 36 I was 14.
My little people are only 4 and 5.
When my grandparents were 36 they had 9 children.
I have 2 little people.
Some days it seems like there are 9 of them!
Today I'm 36 but I'm feeling maybe 25...
I guess after 14 years of marriage 36 must be the right number.
HobbyHubby and the little people gave me a fun party this evening!
It's nice to be so special!
Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The snooooooooooooooooooow!

Last Sunday afternoon....after the big storm...
fun in the snow with the little people!
Happy Hobbies!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

YES, that IS a fire in that fireplace!

We just never got around to building a fire this season! Until this evening.
It has been snowing and snowing and SNOWING today
in northwestern Pennsylvania.
Things were cancelled.
It is cold...Did I mention the snow?
In between shoveling HobbyHubby headed to the grocery store
for the makings for an indoor picnic.
We cooked hot dogs over the fire
and roasted marshmallows to
make delicious s'mores!
We all had a ball and the little people loved
picnicking on the living room floor!
HobbyHubby is back to the shoveling...
The little people are tucked in all snug...
The dog is enjoying the fire...
and I shall drink Cinnamon tea and
knit for a bit on Miss Lucy!
Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pancakes and Ice

This morning we woke up to ice...
which translates to no preschool for Little Mr. I'm Five.
And this mix...

to make this yummy pancake with cinnamon and real maple syrup!

Which translates to this smiling little person!

We were all so content to stay in our jammies for a bit.
It has been a few weeks since we could just hang out in the morning
without having to rush out somewhere early!
The little people played and I enjoyed my tea.
HobbyHubby was working from home today which
added to our contentment.
I haven't gotten around to any hobbying...
I take that back, I have been working on Miss Lucy
here and there throughout the day.
I want to sew but the knitting is shouting out to me...
Happy Hobbies!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Our weekend was packed up with a huge pot of busy!
Saturday it was errands... birthday gift shopping, groceries, lunch out,
return of a cell phone accessory, return trip to the Lowes....
Saturday night I sewed on this improved sack!
For this sack I used firmer interfacing and made it a few inches taller.
I'm very happy with the end result.
Little Mr. I'm 5 was tickled and loaded it up with
Thomas trains for a trip to his cousins' house on Sunday!

Saturday night I finished this hat for HobbyHubby!
I used Noro kureyon and like it better than the first hat I made for him last fall.
I'm a bit full of myself because I started and finished it in a week's time!
Sunday morning we went to church where the little people tested my faith!
I'm sure you can imagine just how loud Little Miss Finally 4 could say, "You're a bad mommy" in the middle of the priest's homily? Ever been there? Oh yeah, you know it! And don't you know that before I had my own kids I just couldn't imagine why a child might act that way?
NO reason necessary. It is just to see how far a parent can be pushed in public!
By the end of the extra wiggly service HobbyHubby and I couldn't help but laugh!
Little people are the greatest gift, even when they're at their worst!
After church we headed a few hours south for my nephew's birthday party!
On the way I started my very own Lucy bag!

She's going to be special!

I'm knitting this sweet bag with self striping Noro and some red Cascade, both 100% wool.

As usual, I'm in love!

Happy Hobbies!