Saturday, April 26, 2008

Turn off Your TV Week!

We did it!
Day 7 of "Turn off Your TV WEEK"!
We rock...
Our kids don't watch all that much anyway, just a few shows on Noggin.
Even HobbyHubby and I haven't watched a thing.
It is easy when we realize how the TV is just on for noise in the evenings anyway.
I'd like to say that we got so much more done around here...
The truth is that we both just read more, which is a good thing!
We are thinking of opting for no TV Monday through Friday as a permanent rule....
We went years without cable so this shouldn't be such a stretch...
What are the TV habits at your house?

Happy Hobbies!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Hobby but mostly Mommy...

I realized how slow I've been on the hobbying end of this blog lately... Oh so weak! My original goal was to blog eat least 3 times per week and, well, any of you who are reading on a regular basis have seen the decline in the number of posts. I'm sure you've also noticed the decline in hobby material and the increase in the mommy stuff. Adding the 15-20 hours of professional work really cuts into the creative time. Thankfully I like the job or I'd be in a scary bad state of mind. A few more weeks of work and then I'll be off until mid-August. Ahhh the creativity & productivity will return... I hope!
Let me give you some of the latest mommy...
Saturday was a gorgeous day and the whole family was able to get out and enjoy it. There was happy play and some yard work-- mulching, weeding, etc. Bike riding on the driveway, examination of the herb garden, inspection of the hedges, arborvitae and rhododendron planted last year. Little Mr. I'm Five requested a hot dog dinner picnic on the deck. HobbyHubby headed right to the store for the supplies which also included chips and dip, something we don't indulge on all that often.
Sunday we sent the boys to church and Little Miss Finally Four and I headed south to see my parents. My mom is doing so much better, still weak, but better none the less!
Yesterday I took the little people Claytopia (the local paint your own pottery place) ans we made some birthday gifts for my parents. It was great fun and the little people just thought it was the best thing ever.
Today we went for ice cream at the Dairy Queen and then headed to check out the local beach which has recently been redone. A bit of time on the playground rounded out the trip. Such a treat!
Now for some of the hobby...
Any of you seen the new Artful Blogging? Simple Sparrow is featured in this issue as well as Whip Up. How wonderful for these bloggers! Artful Blogging is a really lovely magazine. Inside each issue you'll find beautiful pictures, well written posts & articles, and even the paper used is fine. It is a bit expensive, but you'll find very few advertisements and if you like blogs, this has only the best inside!
I've been knitting a bit on my latest Lucy Bag, started sometime in March. I've also been working on lining up so many new sewing projects that I can't seem to get any sewing done! YIKES! I took a trip to the JoAnn's for some notions the other day. Yes, notions I might need for things I might want to make some time when I might not want to go to the store! What an addiction these hobby life brings...
Happy Hobbies!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Something about the slippers....

I found this pattern in the February issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion...
And I just HAD to make them.

My sewing skills have been kept limited to quilting for quite some time
and I thought this pattern would be a perfect way to begin expanding my skills.
I read the directions, collected my supplies and jumped right in.

I didn't show you the part where I had to take one back apart

because I sewed it together WRONG.
I won't share the part where they are two different sizes.

I really won't share the part where I've attempted 3 more

slippers, each of which I have either forgotten a step or

become so wrapped up in adding stitching that
again none of these slippers looks like the others.

Its like my brain doesn't want to learn something new

and these slippers are such basic construction.

Yesterday I took a break and started a mini quilt

for the babysitter.

Much better! I can think! I'm not crazy!
I can sew!
So I'm cutting myself some slack here and I'll finish this little mini!
Then I'll try those slippers again!
Happy Hobbies!