Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For Little Miss...

I finished knitting this scarf some time in early June
but still needed to weave in the ends and felt it.
So last night I finally finished it!
I ran it through the Hot/Cold cycle twice last night and
now it is felted to perfection for Little Miss almost 5!

She was pretty pleased with it and it added to the kitty cat's costume!

I'm working frantically on my Cozy.

I was hoping to take it on vacation and actually use it on the cool evenings!

Yeah, well, uh-huh, drat....

I let you know how it goes!

Happy Hobbies!

Friday, July 25, 2008

100th Post Winner!

Thanks for playing along!

Our lucky winner is Danetta from OH NO It's the FRO!
She's receiving this charm pack of 40 charm squares!
Happy Hobbies!

Under construction

Bear with me please... I'm working on a remodel here... Back at you later, with the 100th post winner. Still time to comment so please do...

Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

100th Post!

I guess I left you folks hanging for a bit.
busy... busy... busy...
I'll tell you what I've been up to, but sadly no pictures today.
A new gal pal taught me how to spin with the drop spindle last week.
Oh so FUN!
I've been knitting on my Cozy!
More fun!
There has been some de-cluttering of the home.
Not so much fun!
There has been far more job related work than planned.
Less fun! But, at least tolerable!
(on a good note I'm not thinking about work at all for the next 2 and a half weeks.)
No emails, no phone calls, no WORK work! LOL!
Getting ready to go north in another week!
Fantastic fun!
Okay, so if you're still hanging on, here is the give-away part!
To celebrate my 100th post I'm giving away a little charm pack
I picked up awhile back!
Leave me a comment,
telling me what project or projects you're in the middle of,
for a chance to be the recipient!
I welcome the usual small crowd of people who comment
and all of you folks that lurk too.
I'm always open for a chance to get to know you.
I'll pick a winner on Friday at noon!
Happy Hobbies!

Friday, July 11, 2008


A year ago this very day I started HobbyMommy!

Had I timed things better, this would also be my 100th post!

Who needs perfection anyway?

Here is the deal...

I'll set up the details for a celebration give away in my next post.

So, be ready to comment!
I'd like to connect with those of you who lurk!
That means all of you!

On to other things....

We had the birthday celebrations for Mr. Six last weekend, a lovely 4th of July picnic, friends have been here from Wisconsin, and various other activities.

The little people and I are exhausted from the constant fun!

What a great week of summer!

I've had a few opportunities to work on this book and I'm itching to start spinning!

That has been the extent of the hobbying this week!

Oh, I finally did finish listening to Wicked on my ipod! Excellent!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday...

to our big 6 year-old boy!
Mr. Six!
We decorated his room last night while he slept.
(We do the birthday presents on birthday morning.)
The little people both came in to our room about 6:30 and the the little man opened his present from his sister first.

"Yay! A Wall-E!"

"Thank you, Thank you! You're the best sister!"

Mr. Six received a portable radio, a bike computer & a sleeping bag from Mommy & Daddy!

We had whole wheat pancakes for breakfast and now there is some serious play going on.

We will head out to the movies late this afternoon ... Wall-E here we come!

We will celebrate the happy 6 year-old with the families over the long weekend!

Happy Hobbies!