Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last weekend was beautiful and we spent much of our time outside.

I stood outside staring at a mess and decided that my "herbs gone wild" garden had to change... My herb garden started the spring my mother became ill. I put in a few herbs... some mint, lavender, sage, rue, chives, basil, lemon balm, and oregano. The following spring I brought bricks from my parents' old walkway and bricked the area into a nice raised bed, installed landscape fabric, and rearranged my herbs. I added some others. The mint eventually went crazy. (It is hard to believe that so much could come from one little pot.) I eventually relocated it to the back of the garage. I continued each year to tweak the herb space and eventually things became crowded. The landscape fabric, I finally realized, was not properly placed and I had a natural disaster. The lemon balm was sprouting everywhere and the weeds were embedded in the landscape fabric. It also seemed that I had neglected cutting things back in the fall. I dove in... I put on my gloves, dug around a bit, grabbed the landscape fabric, and just started pulling, ripping, and rolling. Very quickly, I had the bed cleaned out. Some herbs were sacrificed. I might have heard some cries! I replaced the herbs. I planted the butterfly bush my family gave me for Mother's Day in the center of the bed. I added a variety of other perennials that attract humming birds and butterflies too. We even planted a money tree from my Grandmother's. (Simon & Annestelle are still trying to figure that one out!) I am looking forward to the blooms that will assist Mary in blessing our yard this summer!

Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Random Return...

Finally, back to this place!
(Thanks Nicole, for the little nudge.)

Kept away by...
a new job/career (part-time, but time-consuming, so much to learn)
the many activities of my darling little people (music lessons and practice, school activities, first reconciliation, so much more)
strep throat (Annestelle has had it 3 times since Christmas)
the piano I'm learning to play (learning to play has been one of my little dreams)
the Nook and many books (can't read enough these days)
another birthday (39 this year)
a trip to WV (another fantastic EASTER at Spider Ridge)

Had a lovely Mother's day here...
walked the Mother's Day 5K with my Simon,
had a nice lunch with my family, &
relaxed the afternoon away!

Hasn't been much sewing or knitting...
made an apron
finished knitting a shawl
de-cluttered my hobby space

Feeling settled into this new season of life and I'll be back soon!

Happy Hobbies!