Thursday, February 28, 2008

the sack

This is a fun and, "oh so basic" sack to sew!
The pattern can be found at All People Quilt.
A perfect use for fat quarters. And oh, how I LOVE fat quarters!
This one with the horsie fabric is for Little Miss Finally 4.
I've been picking out fats from my stash and thinking ahead
to the end of year teacher gifts.
Perfect to fill with goodies for your favorite teacher!
Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Auntie Z's Bag Felted at last!

This blogging once a week thing just isn't working for me! That said, I'm not going to show you everything I've completed during the past week. Then just maybe I'll get some more posts up for you.

Auntie Z's bag is finally felted after just 5 wet and wild rides in my washing machine!
See here for the before and below for the after...

Now I'll be in search of the perfect piece of fabric for the lining.
I'll be back with some more tomorrow!
Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two of a Kind -- FINISHED!

It was FUN to quilt!
I LOVE it!
(ignore the sun glare on the picture)
Can't WAIT to put it on my office wall!

Something OFF my list!!
Tonight I'm making myself FINISH the knitting on Auntie Z's bag
with dreams of FELTING it tomorrow!
Happy Hobbies!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday's mail held a happy little Valentine's Day
package of goodies from my best Mass. gal pal!

Valentine socks for me... (I love fun socks!!), candy for the little people,
sprinkles for baking, stickers, AND this fun little skirt
made by my gal especially for Little Miss Finally 4!

Isn't it great?

She got the pattern somewhere in blogland...

Maybe she'll post the link in the comments?

It is especially sweet since I really haven't ventured into making clothes.

I want to, but I just haven't made the leap!

So thanks to you, my best Mass. gal pal!!

Happy Hobbies!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February List...Don't laugh!

Here we go again, but at least I'm proposing my list closer to the beginning of the month. Maybe more realistic?

Let's see...
  1. Finish Two of a Kind quilt (already quilting it)
  2. Finish strap on Auntie Z's bag, felt & line it too.
  3. Finish Buggy Barn cat quilts.
  4. Catch up on Crazy Mom Quilts quilt-a-long
  5. Toy bags for the little people.

I'd love to list all the other things running around in my happy mind but I'm afraid the laughter from all of you would be heard around the world! Maybe I'll just surprise myself and get this much accomplished! HA!

I'll give you a peek at the Two of a Kind quilt soon!

Happy Hobbies!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The week (and a half) in review...

There are days and weeks when a girl can just get lost! I slipped right out of blogland. For about five days in a row I worked like a maniac on Autie Z's bag. I progressed to the handle and then the stall occurred.
It happened something like this.... I decided I needed knitting needle cases so I went online and searched for an ENTIRE evening. I'm not kidding... the laptop was attached to me for HOURS, until I found EXACTLY what I wanted. (I must say shopping from the couch is SPLENDID!)
These came in the mail and they are lovely. The straight case is from Lena Brown Designs at Etsy and the circular case is a Della Q. I'm in love! A girl needs needs some frivolous accesseries!

A day or so later American Patchwork & Quilting (which was a gift subscription) came and I opened it to Two of a Kind. I KNEW this was the quilt I NEEDED for my office at work! I had to make it and I had a happy Jo-Ann Fabric's gift card waiting in my purse. Off Little Miss Finally 4 and I went the next morning while Little Mr. I'm 5 was at preschool. Found a fun fat quarter set, but ran out of time for choosing the rest of the fabric. I had a chance that night to get together with the Auties for a consult and we decided what type of background and border fabric I needed. The next morning while Little Miss Finally 4 was at school, Little Mr. I'm 5 and I headed back to Jo-Ann's and got the rest of the fabric I needed. I had the fabric cut and ready to go that afternoon! I hauled my sewing machine and the rest of my notions up to the dining room so I can work whenever I wanted instead of just during Little People's naps and after they're in bed for the evening. Oh, such a good move! As you can see I'm getting there. I really wanted to have it finished by the end of the weekend, but we all know what that's like! I'm loving it!
Obviously I have veered from the Januray list!
What could I have been thinking? Addiction/startitis is really a bad thing, or is it good? It might be looked at as ambitious and, well, isn't that a good thing?
What was the progress on the Janurary list? Let see.
Here is the January list... hmmn... I finished Auntie B's bag, started Auntie Z's bag, made a few of the blocks on Crazy Mom Quilts' quilt-a-long... oh yeah... and started the quilt NOT ON THE LIST!
I guess I'll make a February list this week. I bet I'll be laughing by the time I finish it! I'll try to stay in touch better this week...
As always,
Happy Hobbies!