Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

We had a great Saturday!!
We went to one of the pumpkin places in town and picked out our pumpkins!!
Then we let the little people draw the faces and we carved them just as drawn.
Didn't they turn out fun?

I did get some time to work on the cat quilt! A bit more finished... Then I realized that I need to get cracking on the gift for Chookyblue's swap. Have to get it mailed to....Oops! Can't tell... mailed by December 1!! I'll keep you posted!
Catch up with you in a few days....
Until then...
Happy Hobbies!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy Cats! Life Decisions!

I think I may finally have my quilt groove back!

I hope... These crazy cats are soooo cute!! Love em...

The pathetic-ness of this particular project is that I've had the fabric for over 2 years... Actually, it was a kit so even easier. More pathetic is that I started this happy cat quilt last January and haven't picker her up since.... Well, she's not actually together enough to be talking about her with such an attached fondness. More pathetic than above is the fact that I have two to make: One for me and one is a graduation gift for a great southern gal I know.... but the little darling graduated in 2005!!!

Oops... I think I might be talking myself right out of that groove... Nope... I'm determined not to!

Anywhoooo.... this is a kit from the Buggy Barn. Check out these CRAZY CATS. Too fun!

I'll keep you posted on what I can get done with these crazies this week!

On to the life decision....
I was recently offered an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. So I'm heading back into the world of work. It has been 4 years for me. Thankfully, it is only part-time! I don't think I could bear to leave the little people a minute over that! It will be an adjustment for all of us, but I know we will be successful! I think I'll possibly get more things accomplished in the hobbying department just because I'll be forced to use my free time more wisely.... I guess we'll see about that. The good news is that I'll get lots of breaks from work including the summer!!! So life won't change too much! The journey begins next week. Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes I just can't get to my hobby space. Sometimes its errands, cleaning, meal preparation, or some other mom thing keeping me away.

Let me share what's keeping me away this fine afternoon....

Little Miss Finally 4 and Mr. I'm 5 had me playing with the Littlest Pet Shop animals...

Have you seen these little creatures? They are so much fun. Teeny tiny cutie things they are...

For example check out how cute this little Dragon fly is by clicking the link.

I'm hooked I tell you! Now I tried to pose these little guys today, but Little Miss Finally 4 said they didn't want their pictures taken today because they were too busy playing. These 2 photos were the best I could actually sneak. We have way too many of these little beings...

Let me see... we have monkeys, a sea horse, hamsters (one is actually fuzzy), a crab, turtles, birds, bunnies, a duck, a mouse, dogs, kitties, a play house, little take along cases....

What toys do you and your little people like to play with?

Happy Hobbies!

Maybe I'll get to sew tonight!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Check Out Crazy Mom Quilts!!

Okay all of you fun loving folks...

Those of you who leave me comments...(yeah so kind)

Those of you who lurk....(show yourselves)

We're going to have some fun with Crazy Mom Quilts. Click on the link or right here. Read her 200th post for her awesome talent and fun give aways. Then go to the comments section and leave her a comment on her fantastic work. Be sure to say in your comment that you were referred by HobbyMommy so I get a chance at that fabulous quilt... or get your gal pals to comment so you can be referred and get a chance for the quilt! Either way we all want a chance to win that cute purse. Get your name in there!!!

Okay! Have some fun!!! mmmm... I'm going to have to get a give-away going on here! Definitely need to do some de-lurking! HA HA!!!

Happy Hobbies!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Every have a project that just went on forever?

Or, maybe it just seemed that way because the fabric has been staring at you for months and months...

Or, you made so many pillowcases for relatives last year...

Or, HobbyHubby asked where the pillowcases for the HobbyHouse were...

At this point...IT DOES NOT MATTER! The seasonal/holiday/fun pillowcases are finished.... Hurray. I can move on to some other sewing with no more pillowcase guilt!!!!

Check it out!
BirthdaysPatrioticHalloweenChristmasHalloweenWho doesn't love Betty Boop just for fun?
FallHappy Halloween Auntie B.

Happy Hobbies!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Quilt Tour, Part 7

I'll admit I haven't been so crafty this past week which means more touring back at home....

This is a fun chicken kit I purchased in IL in 2001 when Auntie B. came to visit.
I think I completed it in 2003 before Little Miss Finally 4 was born.
The chickens live in kitchen.
I think I completed this Scrap sampler in 2004.
It currently lives in the living room.

Hopefully I'll have a more productive run soon and have something new to share!

Until then...

Happy Hobbies!