Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another week...I haven't posted!

My friend Alison informed me last night that the Spicy Thai Chicken recipe was still up. Yikes.

I have been doing things... Seriously... I just haven't gotten them onto the blog.
Oh, and I have that new excuse, "I am a working mom now!"
Hee hee Hee!!!

Let me see. I've been faithfully working on Auntie B's Christmas gift.
Just the straps left to knit and then the felting fun begins!

Next, I've been helping Alison with her first ever quilt! Hurray Alison!
She chose a Buggy Barn pattern and it is looking great! See...

She was hiding. The snot!

Alison's been helping me with the creation of Christmas cards. Here is the work in progress.
I'll show you a finished one later... And you know the cards will have a fabric component!

I'm really digging the card making. I pretty much HATE having to come up with the ideas (that's Alison's new job! HA!), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the actual card construction! I'm a pattern girl I guess!

I had to give Little Mr. I'm 5's teddy some TLC repair.

I added 3 more patches.
At the rate Teddy is disintegrating he's going to be completely patchwork by next year!

Teddy's little behind needed 2 patches.

Happy Hobbies!

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amandajean said...

I love the patches on teddy.

and hurray for teaching quilting...I am doing that, too.