Monday, April 14, 2008

Something about the slippers....

I found this pattern in the February issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion...
And I just HAD to make them.

My sewing skills have been kept limited to quilting for quite some time
and I thought this pattern would be a perfect way to begin expanding my skills.
I read the directions, collected my supplies and jumped right in.

I didn't show you the part where I had to take one back apart

because I sewed it together WRONG.
I won't share the part where they are two different sizes.

I really won't share the part where I've attempted 3 more

slippers, each of which I have either forgotten a step or

become so wrapped up in adding stitching that
again none of these slippers looks like the others.

Its like my brain doesn't want to learn something new

and these slippers are such basic construction.

Yesterday I took a break and started a mini quilt

for the babysitter.

Much better! I can think! I'm not crazy!
I can sew!
So I'm cutting myself some slack here and I'll finish this little mini!
Then I'll try those slippers again!
Happy Hobbies!


amandajean said...

the slippers are cute! (although I understand the trials that you have gone through with them...I've had project like that!)

the quilt is going to be fabulous.

Clair said...

Fun slippers. A project I may want to attempt sometime.

Suzie said...

These slippers look great!
I think I'll add them to my "have to give it a try" list!

starrynightquilter said...

Your slipper story is so funny. That's the thing about quilting - it makes garment sewing so difficult to return to....or learn!!

simplysewn said...

I love the mini quilt. I have a passion for pin wheels. She'll love it.

Mary Lee said...

I tried making these slippers too...but with some twists of my own and ended making them about two sizes too small! Oh well, "On to something else", I always say!