Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Trip: Shopping Day, First Quilt Shop

The shop has a WONDERFUL selection of fabrics
and patterns, and occupies a generous space!

A table of jelly rolls....
Loads of fat quarters.

This is Michelle, the very kind owner of the shop!

We shopped around for a bit and then Michelle said we could go into the back room!

Back room?

This room is filled with fabric samples for purchase by the pound!

Yes I said, "BY THE POUND."
See those samples?
And these samples?
Many samples.
You can just browse around and pick what you want.
There was an abundance of batiks.
Look at all of that pink raspberry happiness!
I purchased this 3 pounds of samples.
I chose 10 sets of the above 8 fabrics.
For around $15 I have enough to make a quilt top!
Have any pattern ideas?
Happy Hobbies!


Ali said...

I am coming with you next time!!

starrynightquilter said...

Well, We never did that pattern we found at that blog site - You could use that pattern....

Amy said...

what fun! I want to go too! I wish I could help in your pattern search but I am not a quilter...I just want to be!