Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Library... Yes, really a post about the library!

Who me? Go to the library? What?
What about the coffee and endless magazines?
What? The library?
That has been me for the last 10 or so years...
Why go to the library when you can go to Barnes & Noble?
How wrong I was!
My friend Jen was over here about a week or so ago and somehow we got to chatting about the library. She explained how she just gets online, picks out the books she wants, places a hold on said books, and then waits for a call from the library informing her that the books are at the local branch ready for pick up!
Ahhh.... the convenience of it all....

Guess how many times I've been to the library to pick up books during the last week? 3 times! Walk in, pick up, leave! It is a lovely stack I've been studying! It is a stack full of sewing and knitting inspiration!

Why didn't anyone tell me this secret before? What are your library habits?

Happy Hobbies!


starrynightquilter said...

Everytime I hear the word library I think of wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back when the children were little and some Sesame Street character would pronounce it
You know - we have a new liiiiiibrary and I have NEVER been in it. I also prefer to own. but it might be interesting to try the reserve books and pick them up.

But I will still have to say

amandajean said...

i love my library. i have about 5 or 6 kaffe fasset books out right now. interlibrary loan is a wonderful thing. :)

gardenmama said...

Ooh love the library love ; )
I too *just* found out about the online library magic!! Isn't it great?! I love your banner!

Marie said...

I love being able to go on line to the library and putting books on hold. I am disabled and when the books come in, the girl calls and comes and leaves the books for me and when I finish, I hold more and she brings those and picks up the books I have read. This is a wonderful service.

MURLY GURL said...
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MURLY GURL said...

We absolutely LOVE our library! They have story hour twice a week for both age groups. Ava absolutely goes ballistic when I tell her we're going to the library. She's such a book worm. Contantly reading! It's too cute! I haven't told her yet, but Franklin (the turtle) is going to be there Thursday night....I'm sure she'll pass out!

Clair said...

I go to the library a couple of times a week. I walk since I only live a couple blocks, and use the library's computer to do my blogging, word processing, etc. since I don't have a computer at home.