Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello February...

I planned to do so many things over the weekend.
One of those things was to finish testing a pattern for a fellow blogger.
When I finally made it to my sewing space on Saturday, I had the sudden urge to reorganize.
(This usually happens January 1st.)
Things happened:
  • furniture was removed
  • supplies were sorted and/or discarded
  • a list was made (I'll share that one later this week)
  • knitting books and notions were brought from upstairs
  • patterns from various blogs were filed
  • things were cleaned and vacuumed

After about 6 or so hours total, I called it quits.

Instead of testing that pattern, I ended up making Annestelle a scarf with scraps from her quilt.

She loves it!

What are you supposed to be working on and what has you sidetracked?

Happy Hobbies!


Jeannine said...

Love the scarf!!! I'm supposed to be finishing a report for work - but that does not seem to be getting done either! Between trying to finish up my bathroom I'm redecorating, a trip to Vegas, all the laundry that now needs done from that trip, and working on a few crafty orders, the report keeps getting pushed to the back of the desk!

The Hobby Mommy said...

I got your comment recently, (THANKS!) and I guess I need to be working on catching up with my BLOG (inc. the comments) lol
I am officially on a BLOG BACK-LOG!
Happy Hobbies fellow Hobby Mommy;)