Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love this beret!
Quick! Easy! Fun!
What more could a girl need for a quick summer knitting project?
Well, maybe a bit of entertainment...
I quickly decided that I needed to know more about Crazy Aunt Purl while listening to an interview with her on a Knit Picks podcast recently.
This woman is hilarious! I just couldn't get my hands on her book fast enough.
That's some title! You don't have to be a knitter to appreciate her humorous story!
Back to the beret; a few specifics...
I used some fantastic handspun wool from CosyMakes.
It seems I could have gone down a needle size, but rather than rip it back and repeat, I opted for felting. One cycle through the washing machine felted this hat just enough for my perfect fit. Now, I just have to wait for cooler weather to wear it!
I can wait.
Happy Hobbies!

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