Thursday, December 2, 2010


Some decorating...
I decided to get into some holiday decorating yesterday.
My original plan was to do just a bit of decorating each day.
I was just going to do the mantle, but I emptied that box and had things put up in about 10 minutes. I decided to keep going. So, one box at a time, I emptied and placed item after item.
Finished and tidied up in less than an hour!
That's it!
(I've finally learned, that if you box everything up just so the year before, it really is just that easy!)
I spent the rest of my day just smiling!
Simon & Annestelle were ever so excited when they came home from school!
There were reindeer games!
And, before bed, the question...
"When will we put up and decorate our Christmas trees?"
Now for today... more Christmas making!
Happy Hobbies!


Mama Purls said...

Luv your stockings!!! So cute!

starrynightquilter said...

love this idea. Susan is a member of our guild...which I haven't been able to attend this year, as I have class on the night they meet. Did you order the magazine or pattern? I couldn't find mistletoe at all this year - even though I know it grows here.

Miss talking to you!

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