Thursday, January 17, 2008

January List

  1. Line Auntie B's bag (little late as it was a Christmas gift)

  2. Catch up on Crazy Mom Quilts' quilt-a-long (I'm about 6 weeks behind)

  3. Knit, felt & line Auntie Z's bag (another Christmas gift)

  4. Buggy Barn Cat quilts (this was on last January's list)

  5. Toy bags for the little people

We'll see what happens!

Considering it is already mid-January!

Happy Hobbies!


Amy said...

I love my lists and couldn't live without them, but I always keep in mind theat they really are never actaully finished.

amandajean said...

good luck with your list!

I have a january goal to complete 6quilt tops and I have 3 finished so far. I thought that since I put myself on a fabric buying ban for this month, I should at least make some tops with the fabric that I do have. (it's a lot.)