Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

My little Mr. Man went to his first full day of Kindergarten!
He had a wonderful day, but let me tell you...
Enough said!
Happy Hobbies!


Amy said...

Oh that's ok. I have cried at the thought of my 3 year old going to school. When that day comes I will surely be a mess!

starrynightquilter said...

I nearly cried just looking at that photo. Wasn't it just yesterday that one of mine was going to KDG with their flowers for the teacher? Made me pull out the photos of those days....The time flies by so quickly. Hope he liked it? And this is just the first of many moments we mothers have to "let go" Have a cup of tea and some chocolate.

Clair said...

I hear that the first day of school can be rough on moms. As a teacher, I am usually glad that I endured all the craziness and chaos.

amandajean said...

the first day is tough, but it gets better. :)

Jeannine said...

I love your blog and all your crafty ways! I've awarded you one of my favorite blogs! You can pick up your award by going to my blog. Thanks for all your inspiration!
- Jeannine - Creative Juice Studios -

ps- I couldn't sit at my kitchen table and eat lunch by myself for over a year after my last started all day kindergarden! It was too sad to sit there by myself, so I would stand at the counter in the kitchen or eat at my desk in the office - at least that way I felt like there was a reason I wasn't sitting at that table by myself. But it does get easier!