Friday, October 17, 2008

Cables and a Tiny Tale of Dinosaurs

I did it!
Cables are so much easier than I thought.
I know, I know, my pictures don't really show them all that well.
The finished project will photo better!How funny is this?
We tucked the little people in and came into the hall to see some of our friends heading out!
Wonder where Mama Dino is taking Baby shopping?
Target? The mall? It must be Barnes & Noble.
Oh to be a 5 year-old!
Happy Hobbies!


starrynightquilter said...

Hey, I know what cables are. I crocheted those once in an afghan. Cool!!

amandajean said...

hurray for cables!

and the dinosaurs are cute! I love seeing evidence of my kids having played in places around the house. I have star wars figures set up in various places and it makes me smile (almost) every time.