Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting the Hobby Groove Back!

Picking out patterns from these!
Thinking that Christmas is coming!

Starting this bag with yarn from my stash.
(A little knit-a-long with some work gals. )

Making progress on the cozy I started so many weeks ago.

Finally making this note taker from Pink Chalk Studio.

Fabrics from my stash.

More note taker fabrics options...

Making my first costume since a pre-made dinosaur for Little Miss was not to be found!
I was told, "purple dinosaur with green spots and blue spikes" Yes Mam!!

(Thankfully a gal pal was able to locate a pattern from her stash since I couldn't find a pattern anywhere either!)

Many other things on the list to finish and more to start!

Happy Hobbies!

1 comment:

amandajean said...

looks like lots of fun projects! (good luck with the dinosaur, sounds like a challenge!)