Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Links

Hello friends!

Just noticed my low number of blog posts for this year and wondered how that happened. A bit of a blog slacker? Maybe... It seems to me that I write posts all the time in my head, but never quite make it to the computer to actually type. hmmm.... As one of my friends says about so many things..."It is what it is!" I'll spare you the details of why I haven't made it to the computer in these last few weeks because frankly, it's not all that exciting. Instead, I'll share a couple of links...

Crazy Mom Quilts- Amanda Jean requested blocks from her readers for the Quilts of Valor project. The block above was my donation. Head over there to see all of the lovely squares that were donated!

Simple Mom- Love this plan for a stress free holiday. Check out the series that will be offered for easy holiday season.

Waking up in Bavaria- This former Simple Sparrow blogger has moved with her family from California to Germany for the next year. Each post has the most lovely pictures!

Happy Hobbies!

(Maybe I'll see you tomorrow too!)

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