Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Check Out Crazy Mom Quilts!!

Okay all of you fun loving folks...

Those of you who leave me comments...(yeah so kind)

Those of you who lurk....(show yourselves)

We're going to have some fun with Crazy Mom Quilts. Click on the link or right here. Read her 200th post for her awesome talent and fun give aways. Then go to the comments section and leave her a comment on her fantastic work. Be sure to say in your comment that you were referred by HobbyMommy so I get a chance at that fabulous quilt... or get your gal pals to comment so you can be referred and get a chance for the quilt! Either way we all want a chance to win that cute purse. Get your name in there!!!

Okay! Have some fun!!! mmmm... I'm going to have to get a give-away going on here! Definitely need to do some de-lurking! HA HA!!!

Happy Hobbies!

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