Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Auntie B's bag...

A gift finished! In fact, I'm happy to know this is something from my January list!

This is the bag pictured in this post before the felting process.
Still lovin' the felting folks!

Adding the lining to this girl could have taken less time, had I read the zipper directions first and not had the lining already assembled. I tried to wing it. When that didn't work, I ripped the lining back apart, installed the zipper and then resewed it all. There is definitely room for improvement on the zipper but a girl has to start somewhere!

Here is a close up of the zipper with the fun lining fabric!

Happy Hobbies!!



Amy said...

no matter how you got the zipper in it looks good from here!

amandajean said...

that does look like a wonderful purse! I love the lining paired with the felted purse!

Sarah said...

What a lovely purse! I love the button.

Katherine said...

Thanks for feeding my love for felting with photos of this sweet looking purse! So cute! Great fabric for the lining - it made the purse even more gorgeous