Monday, March 3, 2008


Our weekend was packed up with a huge pot of busy!
Saturday it was errands... birthday gift shopping, groceries, lunch out,
return of a cell phone accessory, return trip to the Lowes....
Saturday night I sewed on this improved sack!
For this sack I used firmer interfacing and made it a few inches taller.
I'm very happy with the end result.
Little Mr. I'm 5 was tickled and loaded it up with
Thomas trains for a trip to his cousins' house on Sunday!

Saturday night I finished this hat for HobbyHubby!
I used Noro kureyon and like it better than the first hat I made for him last fall.
I'm a bit full of myself because I started and finished it in a week's time!
Sunday morning we went to church where the little people tested my faith!
I'm sure you can imagine just how loud Little Miss Finally 4 could say, "You're a bad mommy" in the middle of the priest's homily? Ever been there? Oh yeah, you know it! And don't you know that before I had my own kids I just couldn't imagine why a child might act that way?
NO reason necessary. It is just to see how far a parent can be pushed in public!
By the end of the extra wiggly service HobbyHubby and I couldn't help but laugh!
Little people are the greatest gift, even when they're at their worst!
After church we headed a few hours south for my nephew's birthday party!
On the way I started my very own Lucy bag!

She's going to be special!

I'm knitting this sweet bag with self striping Noro and some red Cascade, both 100% wool.

As usual, I'm in love!

Happy Hobbies!

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