Saturday, March 8, 2008

YES, that IS a fire in that fireplace!

We just never got around to building a fire this season! Until this evening.
It has been snowing and snowing and SNOWING today
in northwestern Pennsylvania.
Things were cancelled.
It is cold...Did I mention the snow?
In between shoveling HobbyHubby headed to the grocery store
for the makings for an indoor picnic.
We cooked hot dogs over the fire
and roasted marshmallows to
make delicious s'mores!
We all had a ball and the little people loved
picnicking on the living room floor!
HobbyHubby is back to the shoveling...
The little people are tucked in all snug...
The dog is enjoying the fire...
and I shall drink Cinnamon tea and
knit for a bit on Miss Lucy!
Happy Hobbies!

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amandajean said...

sounds so cozy and perfect!