Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pancakes and Ice

This morning we woke up to ice...
which translates to no preschool for Little Mr. I'm Five.
And this mix...

to make this yummy pancake with cinnamon and real maple syrup!

Which translates to this smiling little person!

We were all so content to stay in our jammies for a bit.
It has been a few weeks since we could just hang out in the morning
without having to rush out somewhere early!
The little people played and I enjoyed my tea.
HobbyHubby was working from home today which
added to our contentment.
I haven't gotten around to any hobbying...
I take that back, I have been working on Miss Lucy
here and there throughout the day.
I want to sew but the knitting is shouting out to me...
Happy Hobbies!

1 comment:

amandajean said...

hurray for a day to stay in all together. sounds lovely.