Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding the Simple

I am at the end of the first month of the new year and
I find myself obsessed with eliminating clutter.
Clutter both surrounds and pervades me.
What happens when the clutter is gone?
When I take care of it all?
What is my goal in DECLUTTERING?
I realize I'm after a simple life.
With each bit of sorting and donating I feel free
and closer to the simple.
I gave up my job recently and again I feel free:
the pace of our life has slowed.
Amazing how a less stressed mommy makes for happier little people.
Happier little people make everything easier!
Time once again to focus on nurturing family and building friendships.
I've been busy finding the simple through my decluttering efforts and
making room to dive back into my hobbies guilt free!
I look forward to again enjoying the process of each project,
rather than focusing on the end result, only to rush to the next thing!
Happy Hobbies!


amandajean said...

it sounds like a good plan to me! decluttering is a constant battle, isn't it? i was doing really well with that a few weeks ago and i lost my steam. ugh.

starrynightquilter said...

Decluttering is a good thing. I recently read that we are being sidetracked from decluttering by spending too much time organizing and purchasing organizers to organize. When the true problem is we need to have LESS stuff. We need to purge.
I personally threw away 2 magazines yesterday...a pitiful percentage of my total. I need help!! Oftentimes just moving stuff around because I cannot let go of it - or feel like I don't have time to sort and weed. Mostly I just cannot let go of owning something I paid for. How do we overcome that??

starrynightquilter said...

I heard your neighbor saw His SHADOW.....are you looking forward to 6 more weeks of winter?

starrynightquilter said...

Guess what - - I threw away about 20 lbs of cooking light magazines today - - they were from when I still lived in another state. They have been in the cupboard and I have never looked at them, but was sure there were VALUABLE recipes in them...and you know what - - I just don't care. Out they went.
And I gave the new neighbors 10 Our State magazines. They are just too beautiful to throw away - but giving them away doesn't make me feel so bad. Two more will go to my penpal. And I always take some to my family when I go home..since they never come to visit anyway - they can at least see what places look like where I am...(is that whining?)