Friday, July 20, 2007

Growing Things!

I crammed way too much into these tiny spots, but I couldn't help myself. The kids don't exactly discourage me at the garden center either. I wanted to get a few hot pepper plants to try. The little people and I came home with 20 hot pepper plants, but only 5 different varieties. HA... So I overfilled the plot on the right and filled two large containers on the deck to fit them all. Check out the super hot Chile peppers below. Isn't that a lovely red? My husband can't wait to burn his mouth on those!

The plot to the left in the first picture is filled with tomatoes and various other bell pepper plants. I can already taste those peppers in Rachael Ray's Spicy Thia Chicken Recipe! "YUM-O" There again, I bought way more than I planned! Do you think there is such a thing as GARDEN CENTER TEMPTATION SYNDROME? Shall we label that GCTS?

I also couldn't resist (GCTS) the purchase of patio tomatoes which are happily growing on my deck! MMM... See those green guys... Can't wait until August!

I think my little people have GCTS too! Another day we went for a few plants for the deck and, VIOLA! We have 4 pots of gerbera daisies, 6 pots of basil (a good bug deterrent), a huge pot of begonias, 3 pots of gladiolas (these bulbs were planted so late), cilantro from seeds & marigolds from seeds! Oh yes, and don't forget the straw flowers!

These gerbera daisies sure are beautiful! At least GCTS is bringing joy to our summer senses!

Happy Hobbies!


Thirty-One Trendy said...

Your plants look great! We planted our cucumbers and zucchini too close to the tomatoes and they started choking the tomato plants. We had to take them out. We just got our first cherry tomato a week ago and 2 more today. My five year old pops them like other kids pop candy.

Mama Purls said...

Your Gerbera daisies asre sooooo pretty.