Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I haven't hobbied since ADVENTURES WITH VINYL!

Why, you ask? What have I been doing? Let me see...

Thursday we were home bound since Little Miss Almost 4 had a fever. Oh yes, and I was just taking a lazy day!

Friday we had various errands to run.

Saturday we... Saturday.... Can't even remember Saturday. I think I finished a book that day...

Sunday we headed about 2 hours south to my brother's for a picnic, which was loads of fun. Hey, wait I did knit on the way there... Good!

Monday we had a MIL & BIL up for lunch which was also nice except that the little people were on the cranky side!

Today was the first day of preschool for Little Miss Almost 4. (sigh) She loved it. Couldn't have cared less that we left. (hurray) Spent the rest of the day tidying up around here. Having a little Party Lite party here tomorrow.

I'm going to try to get my hobby space back in order this evening so I can get back to work.

Tomorrow Little Mr. I'm 5 goes to his first day of preschool! He's excited!

By the end of the week we should be back in to some kind of schedule so I'll have more hobby time!

What's on the hobby agenda?
*Pillow cases
*Cat quilt (You know the gift for a high school graduate who graduated 2 years ago? Yeah, that one.)
*The Seasons Quilt (started when my mom was here)
*The Jolly Elf
Okay, I could go on and on....I WILL FINISH THE PILLOW CASES BY FRIDAY! maybe... no I WILL!!

Happy Hobbies!

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