Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Lucy Bag: The Beginning!

Oh...happy little me got to head off to a lovely knitting class last night!
The Lucy Bag is the class project. It seemed to be a slow start, beginning with a crochet hook to cast on stitches and a transfer onto double pointed needles. It took me 2 tries to get that part right. Wow! Knitting on the 4 double pointed needles with only 8 stitches divided between them proved to be mighty challenging! It seemed to get better with each increase but talk about making me tense and feeling so clumsy. My thought process was as follows... If I can't do this on big needles, how will I ever learn to knit socks on those tiny tiny ones? YIKES! I recovered. After the two hour class I had completed only 9 rows!
I came on home and things moved quicker.
Here is the progress I made before bed last night!

This is the progress I made this afternoon. I happily switched to the circular needles...So much better than those double pointed fellas! I've completed round 20 and only have 7 more before the end of the increases. Then I'm taking those turbo #10.5's in the fast lane! Ha! I'll only have 93 rounds to finish before the next class in 2 weeks!

I can get that finished in no time!

Stop in tomorrow and I'll share with you my red felted bag and the needle felting technique I used!

Happy Hobbies!


Leslie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love the Lucy Bag. I have made 2 of these. Was very pleased with the first one but not so happy with the second one. I think it was the yarn that made the second one not as nice as the first one. Don't give up with your bag. You'll be so proud of yourself once it is completed.

beki said...

oh, you're making me want to pick up my knitting needles! I just learned this summer - I hope I haven't forgotten. I'd love to take a class to learn how to do something other than the basics.

amandajean said...

looks great!

double pointed needles scare me. they look like they could do so much damage. (I have boys, and everything is a sword...)