Monday, September 17, 2007

Then and Now

Katie, over at Katies Beading Blog, inspired me to share a then and now post. Enjoy! Or cringe!

Back in the mid-nineties I was not yet a quilter, but I made several lap size "cheater" quilts. My husband received one with sailing ships (pictured above), my brother one with golf related things and my mother-in-law a printed quilt panel. I found backings, quilted each and added nice bindings. My Aunt J. in NC taught me how to do the bindings and I can remember the lesson as if it were yesterday! Thanks Aunt J.!

I cringe when I see those cheaters now. I know I can do so much better! I guess you have to start somewhere!

Happy Hobbies


amandajean said...

yes, we all do have to start somewhere...I cringe when I look at the first quilt that I did free motion quilting on. It is horrid. I still have it and use it. Unfortunatly some quilts were rough going before I got a little bit better.

Felicia said...

LOL But you have to start somewhere and that cheater quilt is cute.