Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gardening & Mud Pies

Oh the joy I feel digging in the dirt and making things pretty outside!

Last year all of the work in the herb bed really paid off as I have not had to put in the hours this year, but have beautiful herbs to look at! The lemon balm is taking over!

The thyme and oregano have exploded!

We put the garden in a few weeks ago. The little people wanted to plant corn and carrots from seed. We did it and we'll see how it turns out! I also put in tomato plants and red peppers!

Yesterday we planted all of the pots for the deck! Above are all flowers of different varieties... zinnias, asters, marigolds from seed, Gerber daisies, begonias & lavender.
Above are cherry tomatoes and 3 varieties of basil!
We planted lettuce seeds in the galvanized container to the right and the three little white pots have cucumber plants. I'm going the trellis route on those. Today we added impatiens to the last empty pot.

Here is the blueberry bush that HobbyHubby planted in early spring. It has only 5 blueberries!

And at last, we have two of my favorite little people making mud pies along with a variety of other dirty treats!!



amandajean said...

isn't it fun to finally spend some time outside? I know we are enjoying it immensely.

Suzie said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with gardening and with your kids! It is really a nice garden and you will have so many yummi vegetable and beatiful flowers! Enjoy this wonderful time!

Anne K. said...

Here's to you and your wonderful, flourishing garden! We are enjoying ours to the hilt this year, too.

Katherine said...

Isn't gardening magical? Love to see what you've got growing especially since I'm not gardening this year.

I remember making mud pies too!

beki said...

Your garden is impressive!