Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adventures with VINYL!

I think I'm having a wave of HOBBY A.D.D.! I'm sure of it! I have 2 quilts in progress and a stack of fabrics waiting to be made into some lovely seasonal pillow cases. Don't forget the things I'm knitting and planning to knit!
Here's the deal...
I headed out to buy some cutesy ladybug vinyl to cover my picnic table top with yesterday... Get there and cutesy ladybugs are gone and discontinued. FINE!! I'll just buy the clear! It won't be as cute, but I'm a flexible gal, right? I came home, covered the table AND there was vinyl left... (thus begins the next project) Oh MY!!! I could make something! And you see, I have been admiring some clear vinyl bags over at the Cultured Purl that obviously say "Cultured Purl" on them. Ooohhh, hhmmm, yeah... Can you machine embroider on vinyl?? OH Yeah!!! I couldn't help myself. Last night I started a bag.
Here is your preview...
(hard to really see, I know)
I can see it coming together, sort of... I'm typically a bit insecure without a pattern... I'm taking a leap here. Last night I just went with it! Some of those 30's fat quarters from my little shopping spree earlier this month. I have a stripe picked out for the handles and I'm still thinking on the bottom piece. I hope to get this bad girl finished this evening. It'll come together. I'm so loving that HobbyMommy embroidery!
I seem to be so focused (read that as obnoxiously obsessed) on bags lately...I'm knitting another one, signed up for another class, looking at all the wonderful bags on some of the other gal blogger sites, thinking about how I could make (copy) some of the fabulous bags for sale everywhere, and even trying to sketch some patterns! Yeah... I have real problems! Oh DISTRACTION, back to the project at hand...
Well, I'll see where the vinyl takes me tonight! HA!
Happy Hobbies!

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amandajean said...

that's cute! I bought some clear vinyl (a remnant) recently that I am going to (try to) use on a catalog bag for a friend. It will have a clear front pocket. If that works i may just try to make a clear yarn bag. That would be fun, wouldn't it? Is that what your bag is going to be for?