Monday, August 27, 2007

Home TOO Soon!

"I'm a little sad that I'm not waking up to the paneled cottage walls..." I heard from HobbyHubby's side of the bed Sunday morning as the reality of waking up at home hit us both.

We REALLY didn't want to come home... I think a good month MIGHT have been enough. It was a wonderful vacation. So much time to relax and just enjoy each moment.

The picture above is the view from my Adirondack chair. The picture below is the view from the plane... HobbyHubby and his brother took the Georgian Bay plane tour!

Anyone who read my prevacation post might wonder how I spent my vacation... Did I finish my knitting or start my crochet project. OR, did I actually read all of those books and magazines I hauled up there? Answers to those questions are big fat NOPES! Are you kidding me? Totally unnecessary! (If you must know, I do have a theory.... In order to ward off vacation rain you must take many reading materials. By my calculations, had I taken just one more magazine we may have completely avoided Friday night's rain.)

Oh well... Instead of the hobbying... we explored a few new places, went kayaking, swam in the VERY cold but crystal clear water, ate lots of ice cream, had lovely campfires (s'mores and all) most nights, took lots of photos...

The little people played in the sand and on the rock and ventured into the water.

HobbyHubby went sailing in the a small boat kindly passed on to us from my Grandpa!

We made some fun little objects from clay given to us by a fellow cottager from a nearby beach! HobbyHubby even fired it during one of our campfires.

I looked for pretty rocks to take home! Found so many....

And the red chair is where I spent lots of time reading THE YARN HARLOT- the only book I finished there!

Home again like it or not!

We're heading right into fall with preschool starting this week.

Better get back to hobbying!

Happy Hobbies!


amandajean said...

glad you had a great time. that top photo is awesome. Now I want to go on a vacation.

randi---i have to say said...

Welcome home! Your pictures make you vacation look wonderful and fun!

Felicia said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation :)

Mama Purls said...

Looks like you had fun!! It was good to chat with your today.. :)