Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quilt Tour, Part 5- Back at HobbyHouse

Oh Happy Saturday!
We had a fun evening at the beach! The sun was setting as we drove away!
Ahhh the weekend! I should be sewing...
but, well, blogging is on my mind!
Maybe you'd like to see the first pieced quilt I ever made? This is it! I bravely signed up for a beginning quilting class at Woodstock Quilts when we lived out in Illinois in 2001! During the 2 week class we made each of the 4 blocks and then were instructed to configure them to our own liking. Most of the gals made table runners, but I was in a new house and needed to fill up some wall space! HA... I even cut the points off of the squares along the border. At the time, I couldn't grasp the how and why of how not to lose the points! It was a big fat duhhh moment that eventually turned into an Ah-Ha moment. I scare myself at times! You live and you learn! This hangs happily in the entry of my current home! (I think it will soon be replaced with the Debbie Mumm one I'm currently working on...oh...guilt!)
And here you'll find why I'm still sane. I love THERAPY IN SESSION. This fun black and white panel was a gift from my Hobby Gal Pal, Kathy in North Carolina and it blocks the view to the shelves beneath my cutting table in my sewing space.
Auntie B. had given me the bright fabrics as a fat quarter bundle for Christmas the same year and I used fabric markers to pull in the outer fabric colors! Fun!! Who doesn't love a bit of coloring now and then?
Happy Hobbies!

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