Thursday, August 16, 2007


We're heading north to my favorite vacation spot on Georgian Bay!
This will be my 20th trip to this exact spot!
I went the first 16 years of my life and this is the 4th year out of the last 5 years since I turned 30 for HobbyHubby to take me!
I love...
the wind...
the water...
the rock...
the cottage...
Seven glorious days with HobbyHubby and the little people!
We will swim!
We will sail!
I will knit on the way and finish the red bag.
I will finish my crocheted fingerless gloves.
I will wear my new hat!
I will read, read, read...
two issues of Rachael Ray magazine,
Artful Blogging,
Cloth Paper Scissors
YARN HARLOT & KNITTING RULES by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Amy Butler's IN STITCHES
I will eat s'mores every night by the fire until I run out of chocolate and then I will just eat the toasted marshmallows!
I will RELAX!
I will watch Little Mr. I'm 5 and Little Miss Almost 4 play in the water and walk on the rock in bare feet and tan so brown! I will hear their giggles and giggle right back.
I will take too many pictures and video segments that are so long and all the same.
And I will laugh!
I will see the sun come up (probably just the first morning) and see it set every night!
I will stare out at the glorious water and look at the lighthouse!
Happy Hobbies!