Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Early Birthday to my Hobby Gal Pal!

She'll be 39, eh-um, (again)
in just a few weeks!
I asked if she wanted a sneak peak of her birthday gift via email yesterday and she did not respond in her reply. AVOIDANCE! And since I'm so excited, I told myself I would at least wait to post until after I mailed her package! Guess what? I mailed it this morning!! I'm legal...in my mind anyway!
Shall we look?
This was a quick and easy project. I chose the panel and just added the borders. The pictures below are just close ups of the machine quilting. I free motioned the sunflowers and outermost border with variegated thread and then just stitched in the ditch on the rest of it.

So, Happy Birthday NC Gal Pal!! You'll have to get the rod to hang it with. It wouldn't fit in the box! HA! It should be down south by Thursday!!

Happy Hobbies!


The Wooden Spool said...

WOw, i am impressed with this quilt! Love the detailing!

HobbyMommy said...

Thanks for the kind comment Wooden Spool!