Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Quilt Tour, Part 2

It's time for a quick little stroll into Little Mr. I'm 5's room.

There's Teddy! Hi Teddy! He's been with us since Little Mr. I'm 5 was 5 weeks old. He was a $3 teddy that Grandmama bought for him. He is so loved! Oh, wait... we're talking about quilts. Teddy is cute though, isn't he? Don't you love his little quilt, too? Okay, right... the main quilt. This is Crazy Log Cabin from the Buggy Barn pattern Log Cabin Crazies. I really enjoy Buggy Barn patterns because you just pick fat quarters, stack them, cut on the lines, rearrange the pieces, sew together and viola. A quilt is born! You really don't have to be so precise while you're sewing these patterns since you whack extra fabric off as you go and just square up the squares at the end. You can check the Buggy Barn way out at .

I believe I started this quilt before Christmas in 2005 and finished in early spring of 2006.

Little Mr. I'm 5 loves to snuggle under it!

I guess we'll be visiting Little Miss Almost 4's quilt next time! Until then...

Happy Hobbies!


amandajean said...

its beautiful...I like the colors.

and that sounds like my kind of quilting...just hack off the extras!

Artsy Momma said...

Love it! I need to make a crazy log cabin quilt. Maybe that will be my winter project.

meegs said...

i have to do the therapy in session project. :) Loved it. Maybe that could be a "make and take" or in my case..."start and take with you then finish a month later" project. Wonderful blog, I'll check in often.